A career at Oleinitec: Since 2015, Oleinitec has conducted a major project in order to redesign our business while turning it into a great place to build a professional career. With support from our owner Hyxo, we continue our plans for expanding our business and organization.

Right now, we are looking for co-workers to our water analysis team. Where we mainly deliver solutions for process water to our customers like the pulp industry and CHP. If you have experience of sales or as a service engineer in this area, you are welcome to report interest in the link Sales Oleinitec or contact Ove Söderberg.

oleinitec career

Would you like to work in an environment characterized by a smaller, tight and challenging attitude? While still belonging to a larger organization, Oleinitec can offer just that.

Therefore we are interested to get in contact with individuals who have technical and/or business experience from the areas we working within. E.g. – you may just have finished your studies, experienced but yet with a feel for change. You might be within the field of service engineer, chemist, physicist, sales manager or similar. You should find relations stimulating and get a satisfaction from supporting others with their challenges.

If so, you are more than welcome to send in your letter and CV to Sales Oleinitec