densityRudolph Research Analytical DDM 2910: Density meter for determination of density/specific gravity and concentrations. Information:

  • Easy operation
  • Big and obvious touch screen (10.4 “) with built-in user manual
  • Easy bubble detection with VideoView ™
  • Quick and reliable measurements: 30 – 60 seconds high accuracy 1 x 10-4 g/cm3 high repeatability of 5 × 10-5 g/cm3
  • Wide application range. beverages, food industry, petroleum, pharmacy, alcohol, chemicals etc.
  • Ready for connection to the network and internet with remote access to the service and Technical Support.
  • Automatic sample changer for up to 240 samples
  • Complete IQ/OQ/PQ documentation this makes DDM 2910 to the most user-friendly density meter.

Video View ™ – Bubble detection Built-in camera that automatically scans and displays the oscillating u-tube with the filled sample.
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