Hydrogen / Helium

Hydrogen / Helium: Analysis of oxygen, ozone, hydrogen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen either in loose phase or gaseous form.

3680. Both standard sensors and smart sensors with built-in memory available to the instrument. Multi 3680 works so that it receives a digital signal which is converted from the sensor’s analogue signal via an innovative “Smart Interface Box (SIB). 3680 platform with SIB will in future form the basis for further development of Orbispheres technology for tracking of gas and also provide space for other development opportunities. Up to 6 sensors can use inputs in one instrument. Color VGA Display. shows real time readings, graphs, and logging of events. Smart Interface Box (SIB) allows cable lengths of up to 1000 m. Multi can be located in a central control room.

Product: Orbisphere 3680


3610 is a robust instrument which is designed to withstand tough environments. It is suitable for a variety of applications, such as in-line in the brewing process and corrosion control in nuclear power plants. The portable model is designed with a handle and has a support around them for extra protection. Panel of the model flipped in order to more easily fit in tight spaces. Wall model is built in an outer casing in stainless steel. 3610-Analyzer uses Orbispheres MDTC sensors that measure carbon, nitrogen or hydrogen and ensures an accurate and reliable measurement. Programmable analog and relay outputs are available for data transfer and process control. The alarms are independent selectable independent of the display area. Information on Diagnostics is available in the display and via the RS-232 to alert the user if something unusual happens.

Product: Orbisphere 3610

There are also several transmitters and sensors available.

Manufacturer: Hach Orbisphere