Oxygen and ozone meter for process monitoring: We have several solutions for different applications and industries. Please contact us for information that is more specific. Below are some examples are presented.

oxygen oxygen oxygen

Sensors: Like Orbisphere patented series 311xx. For applications in Breweries, Power plants, chemical industries and other applications where you would like to measure in gas or liquids. Portable instruments: Like Orbisphere 3100, 3650 & 3655.

Instrument for measurement of oxygen in pure water as needed in the steam cycle. Orbisphere 9183 Oxistat or the K1100.

In-line or at-line solutions from Centec and Maselli. Beverages & Food, Industrial Processes, Water treatment etc.

Manufacturer: Centec, Sigrist & Hach Orbispehpere / Polymetron,

Centec: http://www.centec.de/en/
Sigrist: https://www.photometer.com/en/Home/