NMR Spectroscopy

NMR Spectroscopy/Thermo: Extract useful chemical information for verification studies, characterize new compounds, and monitor reactions with compact, affordable Thermo Scientific™ picoSpin™ NMR spectrometers.

Add this valuable analytical technique onto the bench for portable and convenient NMR studies, or place on the production floor for small-batch reaction monitoring and for QA/QC in chemical manufacturing. Teachers will love the classroom-friendly design for organic chemistry instruction.


picoSpin NMR: Use the power of these high-resolution, cryogen-free picoSpin NMR spectrometers to identify chemical compounds or elucidate their structure, whether you’re in the classroom teaching organic chemistry or a technician in a chemical manufacturing QA/QC lab with extensive or limited NMR experience.

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picoSpin™ 80 Series II NMR Spectrometer