Raman: Leverage the power of Raman without becoming an expert in the technology. Raman spectroscopy is essential to many applied scientific disciplines, including materials science, life science research, and chemical and biological engineering. Thermo Scientific™ Raman microscopes and spectrometers enable you to quickly create information-rich chemical images to advance your research.

Raman Instruments

Quickly identify defects even if you can’t see them. With the Thermo Scientific™ DXR™ family of instruments, you can use Raman spectroscopy, microscopy, and imaging to quickly create stunning images without Raman expertise or a deep learning curve. Don’t lose time waiting for an expert to set up your instrument and collect your data; stay focused on your research, and your results.


Serstech 100 Indicator – Handheld Raman Spectometer

It should be easy to identify your samples.

Serstech, is a Scandinavian company based in Lund and is working to make complex technology easy and available.
Identify any solid or liquid chemical substance in seconds using Raman technology. The Serstech 100 Indicator is easy to use, truly hand-held and insensitive to water. The sample does not need to be removed from its container and will not be destroyed or tampered with by the analysis.

Several different libraries are available to suit your application such as:

• Explosives
• Narcotics
• Hazardous Chemicals
• Chemical Warfare Agents
• Pharmaceuticals

You can also build your own libraries.
The laser excitation wavelength used is 785nm.